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Project Rates

Each project is unique and has its own features, scope, and timeline.  The final cost of your site will depend on many variables, and we can work with many different budgets.  We’d like to talk to you more about your project and send you a free estimate of your project costs.  Please answer a few brief questions and we’ll setup a time to discuss the details of your project.

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Development Rates

If you already have a website and need upgrades, fixes, or new features, we are happy to help.


[qode_pricing_list][qode_pricing_list_item title_tag=”h2″ title=”Hourly” text=”Perfect for quick fixes and feature setups.” price=”$110″][qode_pricing_list_item title_tag=”h2″ title=”Monthly” text=”Includes 5 hours of programming. Additional hours charged at $90 /hour.” price=”$450″][qode_pricing_list_item title_tag=”h2″ title=”6 Months” text=”Includes 30 hours of programming. Additional hours charged at $80 /hour.” price=”$2400″][qode_pricing_list_item title_tag=”h2″ title=”1 Year” text=”Includes 60 hours of programming. Additional hours charged at $75 /hour.” price=”$4500″][/qode_pricing_list]

*Monthly, 6 Month and 1 Year packages must be paid in full in advance.

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