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Website Design & Development

This is why I wear glasses now.

Having a modern, functional website is a basic requirement for businesses and individuals looking to succeed in today’s online environment.  We can help evaluate your current site or create a new site for you that will get you noticed by your visitors.  All of our sites use modern markup language, responsive design and white hat SEO techniques to make sure your site is noticed by your visitors and major search engines.  We’ve been building successful portfolio and eCommerce sites for over fifteen years.  Let’s see what Luckae can do for you.

Responsive Design

Every website is designed and customized to look good on any screen size or mobile device.


Measure dozens on metrics on your visitors including demographic, referral, site behavior and device information.


Configure on page tools for Search Engine Optimization to increase the appearance and ranking of your pages.


Encrypt data between your website users and the server with HTTPS. Required for eCommerce.


Set and keep regular backups of your website to your server, to the cloud, to Dropbox, or anywhere.


Protect your website against malware and malicious attacks with proper hosting and best practices.

Local SEO

Make sure your business is listed and optimized for local searches, Google maps, and Yelp.

Social Media

Integrate your accounts on your website and bring your website to your accounts to fully maximize your audience engagement.


Optimize images and external files, and use page caching and a CDN to increase page load times and deliver your site faster.


We care about the success of your website after launch, so all new website contracts come with one month of free updates and support.


(They really said this stuff!)


Somewhere between eBay and Amazon.

It’s become easier than ever to create an online store with a wide range of do-it-yourself platforms, but understanding how to effectively reach your customers and manage your online business isn’t as simple. Luckae has helped our customers generate over $1,000,000 per year in online sales through store design, integrated email campaigns, online advertising, affiliate marketing, and social media.


We'll get you setup to start taking payments from all major credit cards quickly, plus alternative payment sources like PayPal and Amazon for a very low rate. Accept international currencies and set your own rates. We'll also make sure your payments are PCI compliant, so you never have to worry about insecure data or data theft. Export your data directly to Quickbooks or Xero.

Email Marketing

Luckae can help you grow your customer email lists, create segmented lists based on location and interests, and setup A/B Testing on your deliveries so you can see what is most effective. We focus on conversions and constantly improving open and click-through rates to make sure your message is being delivered efficiently and effectively. Add campaign tracking to your emails so you can instantly see the results and ROI of your efforts.


As an individual or small business, your resources are limited, so every piece of information helps. We'll help you track every aspect of your customers journey through your store, from referral to purchase. Track your marketing campaigns, find out what customers are buying, how long it takes them to buy, who your best customers are and more. Create segmented reports to get a deeper understanding of your customers by age, gender, or region.

Product photography

With over fifteen years of commercial photography experience, we can make your products shine brighter than ever. Everything from studio product shots to editorial work for campaigns, Luckae is your one stop shop.

Shipping & fulfillment

Make sure your orders get where they need to go and your customer and team are informed every step of the way. Fulfillment center integrations, packing slips and invoices, and customer autoresponders are all essential tools.

Affiliate Marketing

People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friends. Step up your marketing game by adding an incentive referral program to your website! Reward customers for referrals with payouts or store credit via links and social media.

  • Annual Online Sales ($ Billion)

Online sales have grown between 14% – 17% each year since 2010, generating over $500 billion in revenue in 2018.
It is estimated that number will grow to over $700 billion by 2022.

Source: Statista

PPC Advertising

Targeted ads on Google and Social Media Channels

Are you having trouble driving traffic to your website, or maybe are you throwing away thousands of dollars per month on ineffective Google and Facebook ads?  Luckae can review your existing campaigns or create new, structured ad campaigns that will drive traffic and conversions to your site.  We have years of experience running successful paid campaigns on social media platforms and the big daddy of them all, Google Ads.

Competitor Analysis

Goal Conversion Tracking

Demographic Segmentation


PPC Keyword Research

Campaign Optimization

Performance Management

Ad Copy Writing

Detailed Monthly Reports

Advanced Bid Adjustments

Remarketing Campaigns

No Long Term Contracts

Additional SERVICES

Websites and a side of fries.

Luckae is here to support your new or existing business needs.  We can help you troubleshoot issues with your current website, online store, or associated services like email or social media accounts.  We always offer a free consultation and in many cases can provide remote support and assistance.

Domains & Hosting

We can help you setup and manage your domain names, DNS records and hosting plan as part of our services. We'll even wait on hold with your hosting company's technical support so you don't have to.

Website Maintenance

We can help you manage your new or current website after launch. We offer monthly support contracts for your website and can manage content, coding and design updates for your current site.

Professional Email

Fed up with spam, bounced emails, and server outages? We can get you setup with professional email services for your domain and enable professional SPAM filtering and email archiving for your organization.

Logo Design

Professional Logo Designs starting at $249

Our custom logo service gives you initial designs by 5 different professional graphic artists in just 3 business days, unlimited revisions, plus all the features below.


• No clipart used – 100% unique design
• 5 initial logo ideas
• Initial ideas in 3 business days
• Unlimited revision rounds
• Dedicated project manager
• Full copyright ownership
• Editable vector file
• Files for web and print
• Lifetime support and master file storage
• Money Back Guarantee
• Optional stationery and business card design package


Optimize and convert your social reach.

The best way to grow your social audience is with authentic, relevant messages that resonate with your audience. Don’t simply advertise to them, but engage them in a conversation. We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out the algorithms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, and we’ll help you grow your audience quickly and organically by posting at optimal times, using techniques that are proven to work.


Collect insights into who your followers are and what they respond to on your social channels. Get custom reports on your social followers demographics and location, and analyze conversations around your brand for positive and negative sentiments. Most importantly, you'll get actionable information on your social outreach efforts and be able to fine tune your message with accurate data reporting, cutting out the guess work and saving valuable time.


Bring the conversation to your store and site by integrating your social media accounts directly onto your pages. Add simple 'share' and 'like' buttons for quick feedback, and customize the appearance of those shares on social media. Use social media to run contests and promotions on your site. Additionally, use tools to bring your site directly to sites like Facebook and YouTube, where you can sell your product in even more ways.


Social media channels are a fairly new avenue for spending your advertising dollars. We can help you understand the world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon advertising - budgets, demographics, goals, and ROI. We'll also help you craft your messages for both desktop and mobile devices, and develop strategies for beta testing your ads for free before spending precious dollars on them.


These are the projects that make us look good.

Luckae Web Solutions Client Sites
Luckae Web Solutions Client Sites
Luckae Web Solutions Client Sites
Luckae Web Solutions Client Sites
Luckae Web Solutions Client Sites
Luckae Web Solutions Client Sites
Luckae Web Solutions Client Sites

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Marc Walker has been working as a videographer since 1999, as a professional photographer since 2003, and a web designer and marketer since 2006.  He incorporated Luckae Web Solutions in Los Angeles in 2013 to tie all of these skills together as a one-stop shop for his small business clients. To no one’s surprise, he also has a cat.

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