Facebook Page changes coming in January

Facebook Page changes coming in January

It appears Facebook is changing their terms again coming in January 2015.  According to Facebook, posts coming from Pages that are considered “overly promotional” will be pushed out of users feeds starting next month.

This is probably good news for casual users of Facebook, as they’ll see less direct advertising coming to them from pages they have liked, but it will definitely ruffle the feathers of those pages who have counted on the free exposure Facebook provides.  While Facebook says they are just trying to improve the user experience based on feedback, skeptics have cried that this will drive Page owners to spend more money on Facebook ads or paying to promote posts.

As a page owner, you have two options to continue your reach:

  1. Pay for exposure.  If you use Facebook as one of your main advertising channels, little will likely change as you’ve seen your organic reach dwindle over the last two years anyway.  We usually recommend against paying for Facebook advertising unless you have a semi-substantial budget, but if you really need that bump, you might just have to pay to promote it.
  2. Learn to write better posts.  Facebook says they are pushing out “overly promotional” content.  If you are just putting up a SALE graphic and a link to your website, maybe you could use a little polish.  Read up on “Indirect Marketing” and instead of fighting Facebook, go with the flow and take the opportunity to craft conversational posts, ask your followers engaging questions create a dialogue and a community.  You’ll find your organic reach steady or even increasing and users engage more with content that isn’t a thinly veiled ad.

Read more about Facebook’s coming changes: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/nov/17/facebook-page-posts-news-feeds

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